barrett jackson liquid wax


Barrett-Jackson Car Wash and Wax Liquid, Super-Concentrated Car Shampoo and Car Soap - for Premium Car Care and Auto Wash, 9957, 64 oz.

Barrett-Jackson’s Car Wash and Wax Liquid will clean effectively and add a protective, glossy coating to enhance your car’s appearance. It's super-concentrated formula produces lots of soap suds. It’s what to use to wash a car. Wash and Wax is biodegradable, so it’s gentle on your car’s finish and has a non-chemical scent. This product rinses off easily, leaving virtually no spotting. This is how to wash a car for a glossy wet look and how to clean a car for a million dollar shine.

Key Features

A unique blend of biodegradable cleaners, lubricators and hydrophobic polymers create an amazing amount of suds that gently wash dirt, grime, and bugs away.
A car soap that produces a glossy, wet look appearance and lasting shine.
Suds from this car shampoo rinse off easily so there's very little drying time. Super water sheeting action.
A car wash and wax liquid with a non-chemical, pleasant scent.
Use in between regular car waxing and to maintain a shiny car polish and glossy appearance.

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Barrett-Jackson Car Spray Wax, Easy Spray On Wax for Premium Car Care and Car Detailing, 9958, 22 oz.

If you’re short on time but need some shine, try Barrett-Jackson’s Car Spray Wax. It’s a spray on wax with hydrophobic polymers that repel dirt and dust. It’s the best car wax to use between regular waxes to give your car a glossy shine. Use it on wet or dry surfaces in sun or shade. Just spray it on, let it dry to a haze, and wipe it off. This is how to wax a car quickly for a glossy finish and how to detail a car fast for a million dollar shine.

Key Features

A spray wax that produces a long-lasting car polish and a glossy, wet look shine.
A car spray wax with hydrophobic polymers that repel dirt and water between regular waxing.
Enhances car wax protection without leaving a powdery residue. Easy car care.
Easy spray on wax. Just let it dry briefly to a haze and wipe it off for a quick car polish and glossy shine.
A spray wax you can use safely on all exterior auto surfaces.

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Barrett-Jackson Car Wax Kit, Car Detailing Kit with Liquid Carnauba Wax + Wax Applicator Pad + MicroFiber Towel - for Premium Car Polish and Car Care, 9961, 16 oz.

Barrett-Jackson’s Car Wax Kit will make your car look like it just rolled off the showroom floor. This car detailing kit includes liquid wax — specifically carnauba wax, known as the “queen of waxes.” The kit also includes a car wax applicator pad and large microfiber towel, making the liquid wax extremely easy to apply for a smooth, consistent exterior car polish. This is how to wax a car for a lasting finish and how to detail a car for a million dollar shine.

Key Features

Hydrophobic, polymer-based liquid carnauba car wax delivers a deep, glossy car wax shine.
Produces a smooth, consistent finish and glossy shine across the entire car exterior.
A car wax that's easy to apply, buff, and remove. Just use the included wax applicator pad and microfiber towel. No powdery residue makes for a great car polish.
Carnauba wax repels water, dirt, and grime for a clean, long-lasting shine.
Soft foam car wax applicator and large car polish microfiber towel included.

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Barrett-Jackson 9950 Premium Liquid Wax, 16 fl. oz, 1 Pack

As a signature product in the Barrett-Jackson line, our premium Liquid Wax gives you everything you need to achieve a longer lasting wet-look shine on dry surfaces. Barrett-Jackson has been trusted for over 40 years to deliver The World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions. During this time, we've helped distinguished car owners polish, prepare and present the world's most sought-after cars-many of which sell for millions of dollars. Now, our expertise in delivering a Million Dollar shine has been engineered into the new Barrett-Jackson Premium Auto Care line.

Key Features

A genuine Carnauba wax formula with hydrophobic polymers repels dirt, grime and water for a longer lasting wet-look shine
Specially designed to leave no powdery residue in seams or on trim
Contains more shining ingredients than other high end waxes
Gently cleans car surface while reducing swirl marks and tiny scratches
Great cars deserve care you can trust

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Liquid Carnauba Car Wax - Ultimate Shine and Protection. Easy application, protect against scratches, uv rays. Deep Gloss, Premium Sealer. Trinova 18oz

TriNova's Liquid Carnauba wax is a blend of 100% pure Brazilian Carnauba wax and modern polymer technology. The chemicals bond to your car's surface providing protection from the elements while the Carnauba provides that deep, showroom shine.

Key Features

ADVANCED PAINT SEALANT - Form a gleaming barrier against the sun and scratches.
DUAL ACTION - A polymer bond forms a protective coat while natural Carnuba provides the perfect professional glow.
PROTECTION - Don't let your paint get damaged from sunlight, rust, corrosion, or another exterior bug attack. Apply a strong polish coating.
EASY APPLICATION - No need for an orbital polisher, just wipe on and wipe off with any applicator after a wash.
PEACE OF MIND - Know that your automobile is getting the best care possible with a trusted sealer from TriNova, the brand enthusiasts trust.

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