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Neiko 61013 Digital Electronic Safe, 550 Cubic Inches | Keyless Entry

Keep your valuables out of reach with the Digital Electronic Safe Box. It keeps cash, jewelry, guns, documents and other valuables safe. It has heavy duty steel construction and allows key or keyless entry. Electronic keypad uses up to 8 digit secret PIN code.

Key Features

Small and easily concealable electronic safe with over 550 cubic inches of secure interior storage space to keep your valuables safe
Heavy-gauge steel construction with corrosion resistant finish and pry-resistant concealed hinges prevent forced access
Uses a reprogrammable 8-digit code, allowing for quick access to contents (includes emergency key)
Small size (12' x 8' x 8') and light weight allow for high transportability; suitable for home, business, office and travel use
Includes hidden anchoring design, to secure to a wall or floor without visible bolts (heavy duty bolts included)

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Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe 1.8 CF Large Electronic Digital Safe Gun Jewelry Home Secure

If you are considering a new safe, look no further. We are pleased to Introduce the Quarter Master 7775 Safe by the Paragon Lock and Safe Co. Easily store and keep valuables safe at home or office with this digital safe; works with included key or your own customized digital code you program. For added security, we've made the hinges concealed so they're tamper-proof. It is perfect for the home, office, or work place. Full 10 year warranty! Features: Digital entry eliminates the need for making multiple key copies. Easy to operate and program. Larger and More Robust than the competition. Includes 1 Interior Shelf. Counting the bottom, that makes 2 unique compartments. Opens with secret PIN code or included keys (2 FREE KEYS). Simple programmable Electronic Lock with buzzer and LED. 3 to 8 numbers. Runs on AA SIZE(1.5V) batteries (Included). Constructed with solid steel to resist hand and mechanical tool attacks. Pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts allowing anchoring. Powder coated interior and exterior. Constructed of extra thick 11 gauge solid steel. Grey carpet mat padding on inside bottom. Anchor bolts are included. Dimensions and Weight: External Dimensions:19 3/4' H x 14' W x 13' D. Internal Dimensions: 19' H x 13.5' W x 12' D. Weight: 55 lbs. Color: Dark Grey.

Key Features

Inside tamper-proof hinges; Constructed with solid steel to resist hand and mechanical tool attacks
Constructed of extra thick 11 gauge solid steel; Inside tamper-proof hinges; door opens to right
Opens with secret PIN code or included keys (2 FREE KEYS); 3 to 8 numbers
Code can be changed infinitely. Runs on AASIZE(1.5V) batteries
Pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts allowing anchoring. Bolts included

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Safstar Digital Electronic Safe Box

Opens with digital PIN or included override keys
Security code from 3-8 digits using any number from 0-9
Time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts
Constructed with 2mm Thick Solid Steel
4mm Thick Front Door for More Security
0.75' thick door bolt for secure locking
Pre-drilled holes behind the safe with included 2' bolts for anchoring
Inside tamper-proof hinges
Carpet padding on inside bottom
Mounting to the floor, wall or cabinet

*Note: The safe is shipped locked. To open for the first time, use one of the two override keys provided.

Operation: Digital PIN or Override Key
Exterior Dimensions: 9.2' x 6.8' x 6.8'
Interior Dimensions: 8.9' x 6.5' x 6.5'
0.22-cubic-foot capacity
Door opening: 6.5' x 5'
Depository Opening: 6' x 0.5'
Body Thickness: 2mm solid steel
Door Thickness: 4mm solid steel
Battery Required: 4 x AA-Size 1.5V
Time Out Period: After 3 attempts

Package Includes:
1 × Safe Box
2 × Keys
2 × Pieces of 1/4' Anchor Bolts for Mounting
4 × AA-Size 1.5V Battery
1 × Velvet cushion
1 × Instruction Manual

Please do not leave the keys inside the safe box

Key Features

Material: Solid Steel, 0.22-cubic-foot capacity, Exterior Dimensions: 9.2' x 6.8' x 6.8', Interior Dimensions: 8.9' x 6.5' x 6.5' (Please pay full attention to the dimension for this MINI safe box)
Electronic lock can easily be programmed by the user with a 'Safety Key' override,easy operation with digital PIN or override Key
Security code from 3-8 digits using any number from 0-9, Time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts
The safe runs on 4 x AA-Size 1.5V batteries(Includes), with 3000-time operation life expectancy of battery. it has 2 pre-drilled holes for mounting to the floor, wall or cabinet
Great security for money, jewelry, small pistol and valuables at home, on the road or in the office,hotel

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iMounTEK Home Security Steel Dictionary Book Safe (Key-Locked, Two Keys, Diversion Safe, 'The New English Dictionary', Jewellery/Coins/Money/Valuables) - Dark Blue

Security Steel Book Safe

A book safe may seem like something out of the movies, but it's a great way to store your valuables. This unintrusive safe looks like a regular dictionary, but open the cover and you'll find a stainless steel safe with two keys. It fits on your shelf, blending in with your other books, but it keeps your stuff safe!


  • Dimensions:
  • Exterior: 6.18'× 9.52' × 2.17'
  • Interior: 5.90'× 9.25' × 2.01'
  • Weight: 1.62 Lbs

Package Contents

  • Dictionary Safe Two Keys

Key Features

DICTIONARY STEEL SAFE - This book safe reads 'The New English Dictionary' on the outside, and has the appearance of a hardcover book. It contains a stainless steel box with overlapping edges for extra security.
SECURE - This safe is 100% secure with your belongings. Seals tightly and without the key is thief proof.
TWO KEYS INCLUDED - Contains two keys with key ring, so you can keep one with you and stash the other one, or give it to a trusted friend or family member.
LOCKED WITH KEY - This is not a self-locking safe, so so you won't accidentally lock the keys inside - foolproof and sturdy! Weight suggests an actual book, so even if it's picked up, it will not tip off a thief.
INDUSTRY LEADING CUSTOMER SUPPORT - You can continue to rely on Electro-Deal to offer the markets most competitive prices, paired with industry leading customer support, and all backed by a one year, full manufacturer's warranty on new products or a 90 day limited warranty for refurbished products!

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Ivation Quick Access Pop-Open Door Safe – Shelf-Mountable Gun Safe With Digital Key Pad & 2 Emergency Keys

Protecting what matters to you is what matters to us!

When you need to keep your firearms, cash and valuables securely hidden yet quickly and easily accessible, the shelf-mountable pop-open door safe by Ivation is your perfect security guard. The electronic three-key pad lets you create your own 3-8-digit sequence to ensure easy access. After the correct code is entered the door pops open on its own, giving you instant entry to your handgun and other vital objects. If an incorrect combination is entered three consecutive times, the safe automatically locks down for two minutes with your contents securely inside. For additional security, the Ivation safe comes with predrilled holes and mounting equipment for simple installation on any shelf, floor or closet. For added peace of mind, an analog key lock and backup keys allow access in case you forget the code.

What You Get

  • Ivation shelf-mountable pop-open safe
  • 2 emergency keys
  • 4 AA batteries for digital keypad
  • Mounting hardware
  • User guide
  • A secure corner for your firearms and valuables

Specs & Details

  • Quantity: 1
  • Material: Solid Steel
  • Dimensions: 9'x11'x7'
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Designed for mounting to maximize security

How to Enjoy

  • Use mounting hardware to secure your safe in place
  • Set your own combination up to 8 digits long
  • Keep backup keys in a safe place OUTSIDE the safe
  • Keep your valuables away from prying hands
  • Keep your firearms accessible yet out of reach of children

    Key Features

    RAPID POP-OPEN DOOR - Allows For Quick Access In Case Of Emergency; Type In Your Preprogrammed Code & Door Swings Right Open For Immediate Access
    MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED - Safe's Predrilled Holes Ensure Easy Installation On Any Shelf, In A Closet Or Cupboard For Added Security In Case Of Break-In
    DIGITAL + KEY LOCKS - Digital Keypad Enables You To Create Your Own Code For Fast Access; Key Lock With 2 Emergency Keys Offer Analog Backup Option
    CRAFTED OF DURABLE STEEL - Strong, Solid Material & Ivation-Quality Construction Ensure Your Safe Will Last A Lifetime; Resists Prying & Force-Open By Hand Tools
    PERFECT COMPACT SIZE - Safe Is Small Enough To Be Easily Hidden, Yet Large Enough To Store Your Small Firearms, Valuable Jewelry, Cash & Documents

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