glare screen for computer monitor


3M Executive Anti-glare Computer Filter (EF200LB)

Provides maximum glare reduction for more comfortable viewing while protecting your fragile LCD screen surface from damage.

Key Features

3M EF200LB Black Framed Anti-Glare Filter fits 14' - 16' diagonally measured CRT monitors and 15' diagonally measured LCD standard monitors
3M Executive Computer Filters offer excellent glare reduction for more comfortable viewing
Light tint glass provides sharper text and more accurate color representation
One of the few models with two-sided anti-reflective coating
Helps protect valuable monitors from scratches and fingerprints
1 year limited warranty
Made in the USA with globally sourced materials

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3M Anti-Glare Filter for Widescreen Desktop LCD Monitor,21.5-Inch(AG21.5W9)

3M Anti-Glare Filters help reduce glare and mirror-like reflections. Its lightweight, thin, frameless design is easily applied and reapplied numerous times with no bubbles.

Key Features

Helps reduce glare and mirror-like reflections which makes your screen easier to use in high-glare situations
Designed to fit widescreen desktop LCD monitors with a diagonally measured 21 9/16' viewing screen and a 16:9 aspect ratio
Actual filter dimensions are 18 3/4' wide x 10 9/16' high (477 mm x 268 mm)
Easy to apply, removable and re-attachable. No lamination, no bubbles.
Lightweight, thin, frameless design
Protects screen against scratches
Attaches with optically clear adhesive strips that can easily be applied and reapplied numerous times
Easy to clean; includes cleaning cloth
Compatible with most touchscreen displays
Limited 1-year warranty
Helps reduce glare and mirror-like reflections which makes your screen easier to use in high-glare situations.
Easy to apply; removable and re-attachable. Includes two forms of attachment strips. No lamination, no bubbles.
Includes cleaning cloth and optically clear adhesive strips that can easily be applied and reapplied numerous times.
Protects screen against scratches.
Compatible with most touch-screen displays.
Easy to clean. Hides fingerprints.
Filter made in USA

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EYES PC Blue Light Screen Protector Panel for 23-Inch and 24-Inch Diagonal LED PC Monitor, W 21.06-Inch X H 13.78-Inch (14015)

Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors for daily viewing of LED monitors.

There are several layers of coatings that are applied to the acrylic Blue Light Screen Protector panel. These coatings are Blue Light Reduction, Anti-Flicker, Scratch Resistance and a Hard Coating. Our Blue Light Screen Protector for viewing PC and LED screens will offer you the best protection available for your eyes and you will notice distortion free viewing.

What Blue Light Is: Wave lengths of Blue Light are between 380nm and 495 nm in the range of visible lights. Blue Light has strong energy with very short waves, very close to the wave length of UV light. Bluelight is widely used in LED light sourced products such as PCs, Cell Phones, Tablets, Game machines and TVs. The vitreous body and the crystalline lenses in the eye absorb UV lights but HEV Blue Light reaches the retina with strong energy. The impact of HEV Blue Light is believed to cause eye fatigue and may even cause age-related macular degeneration, according to some experts. A prolonged exposure of the eye to Blue Light is now believed to be a health hazard called Blue Light Hazard. Does not block any of the colors, including the color Blue.

How Much Blue Light Is Reduced: Blue Light Screen Protectors remove 100% UV Light and dangerous HEV Blue Light up to 100%, while allowing for the maximum transparency of all the colors. An average of 45% Blue Light reduction between 380nm~495nm offers overall protection. This means you get high definition quality viewing without the dangerous HEV Blue Light in the visible light spectrum.

Bad Light Reduced - Good Light Enhanced. While reducing the Hazardous HEV Blue Light, other light is enhanced and all colors will appear clearer now that the Blue Light scatter has been removed.

Terms: Anti-bluelight, anti-blue light, blue light, blue-violet light, CVS, Computer Vision Syndrome, Sleep Better, Circadian Rhythm.

Key Features

Absolutely the best optical quality Blue Light Blocking Panel available today.
Blocks 100% of Hazardous UV light and reduces HEV Bluelight up to 100% with excellent Color Transmittance.
Anti-Blue Light blocking between 380nm~495nm for wide range HEV protection.
Reduces digital eye strain when viewing LED screens: Office PC, Home PC, eSports or eGaming.
Design allows for easy installation and removal. Sizes available to fit most LED flat panel monitors.

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Kantek LCD Protect Anti-Glare Filter for 21.5 and 22 Inches Widescreen Monitors (LCD22W)

Protect your investment from damage with the Kantek LCD Protect Anti-Glare Filter for 21.5 and 22 Inch Widescreen Monitors. This filter improves images by reducing glare and enhancing contrast while protecting the LCD display surface. It features an elegant frameless design and neutral light tint for true color fidelity. Easy installation. Kantek provides personal customer service, superior design and construction, a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness to the marketplace.

Key Features

Before Choosing your screen, use measuring instructions in image to left to ensure you choose appropriately
Fits both 21.5 and 22-Inch Widescreen LCD monitors - actual filter measures 20.1' W x 12.5' H, and fits over the front of the entire monitor (Note: 21.5' Widescreen monitors have a 21.5' viewable diagonal and the viewing area is 18 3/4' W x 10 9/16' H and 22' Widescreen monitors have a 22' viewable diagonal and the viewing area is 18 11/16' W x 11 11/16' H)
Reduces fatigue caused by display glare (not designed to filter out high direct glare from a light source shining directly on the monitor, such as a direct window)
Improves image and enhances contrast; neutral light tint for true color fidelity
Elegant frameless design protects the LCD display surface

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19.5' B & E Touch Screen Monitor Anti-glare Screen Protector

Superior Quality, and Durability! Constructed of Japan PET Material Anti-Glare, Anti-fingerprints, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Dust, Anti-friction Prevent over 25% of the UV penetration, Quick and Easy Installation and No sticky adhesive compatible with all types of touch screen displays and Digital Drawing and Graphics Tablets. 1 TAB protective outer layer not 2 TAB layers like you get from China. B & E Custom Screen Protectors determined that shipping the film to the customer in mailing tubes is safer and more reliable than by box. We custom create each screen protector we make to the manufacturer's screen aspect ratio specifications. Superior Quality, and Durability! Constructed using Japan PET Material Anti-fingerprint, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Dust, Anti-friction. Prevents over 25% of the UV penetration Prevents over 9% of the infrared light penetration Anti-scratch coefficiently achieves to 4H Anti-friction coefficient achieves to 50 Quick and Easy Installation No sticky adhesive The self-adhesive allows for easy application and removal without leaving any sticky residue, and the totally anti-glare and transparent overlay films keep your screen safe without changing the appearance. Avoid damage without affecting your touch screen's functionality. All of our screen protectors are custom made to the manufacture's screen aspect ratio specification that doesn't cover the full tablet like a full body protector. Acer, Alienware, ASUS, Averatec, BenQ, Clevo, CLEVO, Compaq, Dell, eMachines, Everex, Fujitsu, Gateway, Getac, GIGABYTE, Hannspree, HP, IBM, iRulu, Itronix, Lenovo, LG, LXE, MEDION, Micron, Motion Computing, Motorola, MSI, NEC, OQO, Panasonic, Sager, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Sylvania, Systemax, Toshiba, Twinhead, ViewSonic, WinBook.

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23.0 Inch (Diagonally Measured) Premium Computer Privacy Screen Filter - Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare Protector for Widescreen Monitors by VINTEZ

Do you often have to worry about performing everyday tasks on your computer just because you fear a lot of people prying around or snooping into your desktop screen?

Do you hesitate entering the passwords or reading/viewing/surfing content on your desktop that befits to an office environment but you still do not want others to know about it?

Try Vintez Computer Privacy Screen Filter

- Restricts the visibility of screen to the straight position
- Helps improve confidentiality of your information, surfing details, etc. and reduces risk of any visual hacking or visual thefts
- Uses Anti-scratch, Anti-glare technology, and also reduces exposure of your eyes to UV by 96% and LF-radiation by 99.9%
- Materials Origin: Japan


This privacy filter is designed for use with 23.0 Inch LCD desktop monitors that have a 16:9 aspect ratio (Measured Diagonally, Corner to Corner Without the Frame).

Actual filter dimensions are 20.0 inches wide x 11.3 inches high (509 x 286 mm)

If you aren't sure about your desktop screen size, simply search for screen size on the web using model name/number or take a tape & measure the screen diagonally, excluding the frame.


1. One 23.0' privacy filter (16:9 aspect ratio) with dimensions 20.0' wide x 11.3' high (509 x 286 mm)
2. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
3. Optically clear adhesive attachment strips (Installation Option 1)
4. Slide mount tabs (Installation Option 2)
5. Installation Instructions
6. FREE BONUS - extra installation kits (option 1 and 2)

BONUS GIFT: an eBook guide to computer security, protect yourself from identity theft, internet security.


ORDER NOW and Get this Incredible Privacy Screen Filter for your Desktop Delivered in Just 3-5 Days!

Key Features

ENHANCED PRIVACY - Stop giving unrestricted access to your confidential/sensitive information to everyone around you. VINTEZ Computer Privacy Screen Filter helps achieve this by limiting the viewing angle of your screen to a straight position such that only you can see the contents of your monitor screen while everyone on either side of it sees only a darkened monitor screen - relax & be more comfortable in entering your passwords & reading/viewing personal content.
SUPERIOR QUALITY & A PERFECT FIT FOR 23' MONITORS - Our Privacy Filter is a perfect fit for any 23.0' Inch widescreen LCD desktop monitor which has 16:9 aspect ratio (Measured Diagonally, Corner to Corner Without the Frame). Moreover, unlike other cheap privacy screen protectors available in the market, ours is a top-quality product that's made up of 7 different layers of films that helping to ensure its effectiveness, and help achieve multiple benefits from the same monitor privacy screen.
FREE BONUS & EASY TO INSTALL - Each privacy screen protector filter comes with 2 different attachment options that offer you 2 easy ways of installing the privacy screen for monitor - one comes as a part of the standard package & the second installation kit is offered as a FREE BONUS by us. Option 1 consists of Optically clear adhesive attachment strips & Option 2 consists of Slide mount tabs - both of these are extremely easy to use, enabling anyone to install/uninstall effortlessly.
DOUBLES AS SCREEN & EYE PROTECTION FILTER - Vintez Privacy Screen for Computer not only helps improve privacy but also protects your eyes by filtering out 96% UV and 99.9% LF-radiations, which can otherwise have an adverse impact on your eyes. It's a reversible screen filter, giving you the flexibility to choose glossy or matte finish - Choose the matte for reducing extra glare. Moreover, our Computer Monitor Privacy Screen also helps keep your computer screen safe from scratches, dust, etc.
100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super impressed with its functional effectiveness in restricting the visibility of your screen to people on either side of you, the ease with which it can be installed, the way it reduces stress on your eyes due to glare & radiations and helps protect your screen from dust & scratches.

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19 inch (Diagonally Measured) Square (5:4 ratio) size 14.83x11.89 inch (377x302mm) Сomputer Privacy Screen Filter for Desktop/Laptop LCD Computer Monitor, Anti-Glare. CHECK YOUR MONITOR SIZE

Advanced Optical Technology for Maximum Visual Privacy

How many times have you experienced annoying, prying eyes, trying to make their way into your confidential electronic documents and private information?

Wouldn't you just like to keep those intrusive looks at bay?

Privox computer privacy filter to the rescue!

With this intelligent LCD monitor darkening filter, you can now protect your private data and discourage potential intruders from picking up confidential information, while you are working on your PC or laptop.

Featuring advanced technology, this effective screen filter will finally allow you to feel completely protected, even in high traffic environments.

Invest In the #1 Computer Privacy Filter in the Market! Absolutely new product made of Premium materials from Japan!

Not all computer privacy films are created equal. Our LCD monitor filter ranks among the very top screen filters in the market today. Check out why:

Designed to fit all standard desktop LCD monitors (19' screen and a 5:4 aspect ratio)
Anti-reflective and anti-glare technology offers amazing screen clarity
Excellent protection from dust, debris and scratches
With reversible matte and glossy finish
Extra slim, lightweight and frameless design
Reduces 35% of blue light display transmission
Very easy to attach and remove
Made of durable polymer plastic

Get It with Confidence

Waste Not Another Moment! Be the first one who has an opportunity to evaluate all benefits of our product!

Click Add to Cart While Supplies Last

Key Features

IMPORTANT! COMPARE YOUR SCREEN SIZE AGAINST 2ND PHOTO BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER. CONTACT US FIRST IN CASE OF DOUBT. Made of durable polymer plastic, this extra slim, lightweight and frameless computer screen privacy filter is designed to fit desktop LCD monitors with a diagonally measured 19' screen and a 5:4 aspect ratio. NOT FOR WIDE SCREEN. CAN BE TRIMMED TO DESIRED SIZE!
KEEP CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION PRIVATE: Protect confidential information and discourage intruding eyes, with the use of this LCD monitor screen film. Featuring advanced micro-replication technology, this computer screen privacy filter makes on-screen data visible only to individuals sitting directly in front of the monitor. Passersby, or anyone else trying to view from an angle, will only see a dark screen.
ANTI GLARE: The matte side significantly reduces glare and reflections, allowing you to use your computer monitor even under strong light
PROTECTS YOUR EYES: Reduces 35% of blue light display transmission. 90% UV protection: reduces eye strain LCD screen

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Anti-Glare and Anti Finger Print Screen Protector (3 Pack) for 23 Inches Widescreen Desktop Monitor

This High Quality Anti-Glare and Anti-finger print Screen Protector helps reduce glare and mirror-like reflections which makes your screen easier to use in high-glare situations. Easy to apply and removable. Protects screen against scratches.

Key Features

This Screen Protector can only fit 23 inch monitors and screen size with Aspect Ratio of 16:9. Please compare your monitor to our measurement picture before purchasing
Actual Screen Protector dimensions are 23 inches measured diagonally. 20 inches width x 11.3 inches high.
Helps reduce glare and mirror-like reflections which makes your screen easier to use in high-glare situations
Easy to apply and remove. This package includes 3 screen protectors and an installation kit.
Protects screen against scratches

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Monitor Matt Screen Protector FORITO 24 Inch Widescreen Computer Monitor Screen Protector for 24” Dell/Asus/Acer/ViewSonic/Samsung/Aoc/HP Dispaly 16:9

FORITO 24-inch Matt Screen Protector
Full Protection Solution from FORITO

Universal 24 inch Screen Protector for Widescreen Computer Monitors

This computer monitor screen protector does only fit for 24 Inch desktops or computers, display 16:9.

Product Size: 533mm * 300mm (20.98in * 11.81in) 
Kindly note the screen protector size does not include the screen bezel.
Product Material: PET
Type: Matte

What's in the package:
  Monitor Screen Protector x 2
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1
Application Card x 1
Guide Sticker x 2
Dust-Absorber x 1

How to use
Step 1 Thoroughly clean the screen area to make it is completely dry.
Step 2 Remove the dust on the screen with the dust-absorber sticker.
Step 3 Align the exposed edge of the screen protector with the edge of your monitor screen. A perfect initial alignment ensures the best effect. 
Step 4 Once aligned, peel off Tab 1 film and align carefully starting from the bottom and work you way to the top.
Step 5 Use the application card to squeeze out the bubbles very gently.
Step 6 Peel off Tab 2 film when finish applying.

We promise our product is with high level quality. Please contact us if you have any problems, issues or questions. 
We will offer you our best service to make you satisfied with our product.

Key Features

Compatibility: The monitor matt screen protector is designed for 24 inch (display 16:9) widescreen computer monitor. The protector size is 533mm x 300mm.
Matte Version: The matte surface can effectively reduce the glare of sunlight and UV emission from the LCD screen and reduce the visual fatigue.
Protect Screen from Scratches and Dust: This computer screen protector is with superior performance to prevent scratches and dust when daily use.
Electrostatic Adsorption: Self-adhering(no glue) film attaches to the computer screen, no residue leaves on your screen when you remove it.
Package Includes: 2pcs of computer screen protectors(Two-for-One Offer), 1pc of cleaning cloth, 1pc of application card, 2pcs of guide sticker and 1pc of dust absorber.

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24 Inch computer privacy screen & anti glare protector Fits 24' Screens as Desktop Computer Monitors, Mac, Mackbooks and Laptop Screens This anti spy privacy filter Your Screen, Your Eyes Your Privacy

Want visual privacy for your screen? Our film sees to it!

In this day and age, everything is done on computers. And with so much sensitive information floating around, security is imperative. By blocking out prying eyes, the Screen Privacy Filter Film by Ivation allows you to relax and feel comfortable entering passwords and other personal content into your computer wherever you are. The film is simply placed over your screen, and makes your viewing experience from directly in front of the computer even better by reducing glare and filtering harmful rays and radiation. At the same time, everyone around you viewing it from any other angle will see only a darkened, blank screen. Take a simple step towards improving your security and computer-using experience with this high quality, easy-to-install screen skin.

What You Get

  • Ivation 24' Screen Privacy Filter Film
  • 3M Adhesive double sided stickers and brackets
  • Safer, more comfortable use of your computer

Specs & Details

  • Fits most 24 inch screens/monitors
  • Ratio: 16:9

How to Enjoy

  • Overlay film on 24' computer monitor or laptop screen
  • Use matte side to enjoy extra glare reduction
  • Enjoy the benefits of protecting your privacy, computer screen and your eyes!

    Key Features

    INCREASES DATA SECURITY - Privacy Film Limits Viewing Angle Of Your Computer Screen To Direct Front, Leaving Everyone Around You Seeing Only Black
    REDUCES GLARE/HEADSACHE - The Layers Of Film Ensure Effectiveness As Reversible Design With Glossy & Matte Finishes Reduce Glare & Headaches
    PERFECT FIT FOR 24' SCREEN - Sized for Most Popular Monitor Size, This 24' Wide Screen Film Effectively Keeps Your Passwords & Sensitive Data Invisible
    PROTECTS SCREEN FINISH - In Addition to Protecting Your Privacy, This Quality Film Protects Your Screen By Keeping It Clean & Safe From Scratches & Dust
    PROTECTS YOUR EYES - Film Filters Out & LF-Radiations, Preventing Adverse Impacts On Your Eyes Associated With Prolonged Screen Use

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