gunpowder green tea loose leaf


Twinings Green Gunpowder Tea, Loose Tea, 3.53-Ounce Tins (Pack of 6)

As customers increasingly look to lead healthier lifestyles, awareness and consumption of Green Tea is growing. This is mainly due to the fact that Green Tea is a natural source of antioxidants. In addition to tea bags, you can also enjoy your green tea in loose form. Gunpowder Green Tea is a rich blend of Green Gunpowder teas from the Orient with clear fragrance liquor.

Key Features

Case of six 3.5-ounce tins of loose tea (total of 21 ounces)
Fragrant blend of rolled gunpowder green tea leaves
Crisp and fresh with a clear golden color
Packaged in an attractive, reusable tin
Light and aromatic blend from the Orient; natural source of antioxidants

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Davidson's Tea Bulk, Gunpowder Green, 1-Pound Bag

Tightly rolled 'pellet' shaped green tea from China with a strong deep flavor.

Key Features

16-ounce bag
Strong deep flavor
Organic green tea from China
A pack of 1-Pound Bag
USDA Certified Organic
Contains caffeine
Enjoy drinking this loose leaf bulk tea with our best selling and convenient Ultimate Tea Infuser, also available on Amazoncom or Davidsonsteacom
Packed in a paper/kraft stand up pouch (SUP) with aluminum foil lining to maintain freshness

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Coffee Bean Direct Pinhead Gunpowder Loose Leaf Tea, 2 Pound Bag

This is extra fine Pinhead Gunpowder tea, grown in China. It gets its name from its resemblance to gunpowder - the young green tea leaves are rolled into very small pellets before pan firing. Gunpowder is known for its strong flavor and dark colored brew.

Key Features

High-quality loose leaf tea leaves
Contains full tea leaves- much higher quality than most tea bags
Tea leaves are packaged to ensure optimal freshness
Tea is imported fresh immediately before packaging
Contains 100% Pinhead Gunpowder tea

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The Tao of Tea, Pearl Green Tea, Loose Leaf, 4.0 Ounce Tin

The Tao of Tea, Pearl Green Tea, Loose Leaf contains 100 percent Organic Green Tea Leaves. World famous 'Gunpowder' green tea from China. It derives its name from the Chinese word ‘Zhucha’ meaning Pearl Tea, and from the tightly rolled shape of the leaves. Although there are several grades available in Pearl tea, the most famous are ‘Pinhead Gunpowder’ and ‘Temple of Heaven Gunpowder’. Tea purists seek only the clean, clear and pure flavor of the leaf. This is because the unadulterated leaf has the capacity to provide an experience which has inspired many artists, musicians, philosophers and monks. Our company is based on this premise and offers great quality leaf that is fresh, flavorful and full of soul. Only a small portion of all tea made in the world comprises the 'orthodox' or full leaf style of processing. In addition, only a few tea areas remain where 'old-style' hand processing is still practiced from tea plants that grow wild or those that have been preserved for centuries. The Tao of Tea works primarily with tea growers that practice this true art of tea making.

Key Features

Certified USDA organic
Green tea leaves from China

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Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green, Loose Leaf Tea, 16 Ounce Bulk Pouch

The tea bush traces its noble lineage from a family of high-mountain Camellia plants. Numi’s Gunpowder Green tea is gently steamed within hours of being plucked, and then skillfully hand-rolled into small, tight pearls. This process preserves its delicate flavor and aroma for far longer than other green teas. Steeped in hot water, the leaves unfurl, releasing a well-rounded, full-bodied flavor. Numi’s organic green tea is harvested by the Tuija people of Enshi, China. Since becoming Fair Trade Certified in 2006, they have built new roads and a hospital, and their wages have increased. About Numi: Numi is a labor of love by a brother and sister. She is the artist and he is the alchemist behind all of Numi’s blends. Their exceptional-tasting teas are captured in unique blends that use the highest quality organic, non-GMO ingredients sourced directly from Fair Trade Certified gardens. Numi combines premium full-leaf quality teas and herbs with only 100% real fruits, flowers and spices. “Through authenticity, creativity, and commitment to people and planet, Numi brings you the purest, best tasting organic tea”

Key Features

Within hours of being plucked, this whole leaf organic green tea is gently steamed and then rolled into small tight pearls. When steeped, the leaves unfurl, releasing a well-rounded, full-bodied flavor.
Tea Type: Green Tea. Medium Caffeine. Flavor Notes: Smooth & well-rounded. Available as loose tea in a 16oz. bulk pouch.
Numi offers premium loose leaf quality teas & herbs blended w/ only real fruits, flowers, & spices. All Numi Teas are organic, sugar free, fragrance free; & provide a delicious, healthy, & hydrating experience.
From farm to cup, Numi ethically sources directly from Fair Trade Certified & Fair Labor Verified tea gardens because we believe all people should be paid an equitable wage that allows their families & communities to thrive.
Numi is a social enterprise, B Corporation. USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Carbon Free, Vegan, Gluten-free, Halal, Kosher, & uses post-consumer, recyclable, & biodegradable sustainable packaging.

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Harney & Sons Loose Leaf Green Tea, Gunpowder, 8 Ounce

Harney & Sons was founded on a commitment to deliver customers the finest quality tea possible. This promise, made 30 years ago, serves as the company's guiding principle. Today, Harney & Sons Tea remains family owned and managed, with three generations of Harney's preserving John's tradition of fine tea and traveling the world in search of the finest ingredients. It is not only the Harney mission to deliver quality tea products to their customers, but also to educate the world of tea history and taste. Whether through their dedicated customer service team, their published guides to tea drinking, or their two tea tasting shops, the Harney & Sons team works to pass on their passion of tea to a wide audience. From lugging heavy tea filled chests down their basement stairs, to stocking shelves at stores nationwide, Harney & Sons remains committed to delivering their customers a superior tea drinking experience.

Key Features

Premium green tea
Made from leaves that are fixed green and then fired for an extended period in a hot oven
Many people are very familiar with and enjoy the charred, sharp flavor
Steep for 1-3 minutes in boiling water before drinking
It can be enjoyed on its own or with milk and sugar

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Organic Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea, Loose Leaf Bag, Positively Tea (1 lb.)

This unique, high quality green tea is hand-rolled into tiny spheres, known as 'pearl tea' to the Chinese. When brewed, these pearls unfold into a flavorful, dark green beverage, which is most commonly enjoyed with a meal.

What Is In My Tea? No unwanted chemicals or harsh additives, only naturally derived flavors and positivi-tea!

Key Features

1 LB. Bag of Organic Pinhead Gunpowder Green Loose Leaf Tea
100% USDA Organic Loose Leaf Tea
Green tea is the most popular type of tea, with roots predominantly in China and Japan. This type of tea has undergone minimum oxidation and has been left unfermented. It is pale in color and slightly bitter in flavor; the lightness of this tea allows for it to be commonly mixed with fruits and other fragrant herbs.
Steep Time: 3-4 minutes at 175-185 degrees F
Tea measurements may vary by brewing method

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Pinhead Rolled Gunpowder Green Tea One Pound, Pinhead Rolled Loose Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea, One Pound

Gunpowder Green Tea, Loose Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea, One Pound Loose Leaf Tea, Gunpowder

Solstice Tea Traders pinhead rolled gunpowder green tea is an amazing gunpowder green tea that provides a robust flavor, and dynamic drinking experience. Bold and slightly smoky, gunpowder green tea is among the most popular teas on Amazon, and rightfully so. A much bolder cup, but still pleasing to a multitude of drinkers.

Named gunpowder after its small rolled pellets, gunpowder green tea is simply an extremely tightly wound green tea leaf, that then expands when added to water. One poud of gunpowder loose leaf can provide over double the cups per pound than a standard tea.

If you are a green tea fan, or are looking for a coffee alternative, this is it. Gunpowder is a favorite among the solstice tea traders employees for its dynamic flavor, and robust character. You wont be dissapointed, its probably the most dynamic green tea on the market. Its not the light in taste and color green tea you know, its a much better green tea experience.

Dont hesitate to give it a try, you will love it. All of the Solstice Teas are small batch packed by master blenders, to ensure quality. We dont mass produce our teas, we see, inspect, and experience every new case of tea, before we pass it on to you.

Key Features

✓GUNPOWDER GREEN TEA, PINHEAD ROLLED-Ultra tight rolled pinhead gunpowder tea, a rich robust green tea experience, slightly more caffeine than standard green tea
✓MINIMAL PROCESSING AND TIGHTLY PINHEAD ROLLED FOR NUTRITION RENTENTION-Gunpowder tea is minimally processed, in fact, it is simply just rolled up, and exhibits much higher levels of healthy properties, compared to other loose leaf teas
✓ULTRA TIGHT ROLLED, 2X CUPS PER LB-Gunpowder tea is made from full leaf tea, wound so tightly it can be the size of a pinhead, making for ultra concentration, a little goes a long way, get up to 2 times the normal cups per pound
✓ GUNPOWDER GOES FURTHER AND STAYS FRESHER LONGER THAN STANDARD GREEN TEA-Due to its rolled up and pressed nature, gunpowder tea exhibits freshness much longer than a standard loose leaf tea
✓ANTIOXIDANTS,ROBUST FLAVOR, AMAZING TASTE-This tea gives you a 1,2,3 punch of energy, naturally healthy characteristics, and impeccable taste.

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Organic Gunpowder Green Tea Loose Leaf - Rolled In Pellets - Prime Antioxidants - Certified GMO Free - Best For Weight Loss - Bulk Tea Leaves - by The Tea Company 4oz

Organic Gunpowder Green Loose Leaf Tea - Tender, young organic fair trade prime quality pure green tea leaves, rolled into small pellets resembling gunpowder, produce a grassy infusion with a slightly smoky flavor. A deeply renewing pick-me-up any time of day. One of the best green tea for weight loss and weight control. Steeped multiple times, the pleasant characters of this delightful organic tea perfectly grace any meal. A 4-Ounce bag of loose leaf tea will provide 120 servings, not including the re-steeps. Its convenient air-tight, resealable pouch is lined with an aluminium foil lining to let you experience the exquisite freshness for months to come. This tea has a medium level of caffeine. Steep to your taste, recommended steeping method is 1 heaping tea spoon of tea leaves for 8oz of water at 180-185F for 3 minutes. Boiling water or steeping too long can make your green tea taste bitter.

Key Features

ORGANIC GUNPOWDER GREEN TEA prime leaves rolled into pellets to preserve maximum freshness unfurl as they steep
LOOSE LEAF GREEN TEA is a very good source of antioxidants, medium caffeine levels and a healthy alternative to coffee.
ONE OF THE BEST GREEN TEA FOR WEIGHT LOSS and weight control, green tea was traditionally used to help losing weight and help digestion.
Packed in a convenient eco-friendly air-tight, resealable stand up zip pouch with aluminium foil lining to preserve freshness.
4 OUNCES OF GUNPOWDER TEA will provide 120 servings, each serving can be steeped 2-3 times, releasing different flavors each time

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Pure Leaf Hot Loose Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea 5.8 oz

So many of the things you enjoy most in life are simple and real, and that includes tea. With real tea leaves and high quality ingredients, Pure Leaf tea is thoughtfully picked at the peak of freshness and purposefully crafted to deliver a genuine tea experience that is both uncompromised and uncomplicated. Pure Leaf tea leaves are selected from the finest Rainforest Alliance Certified tea estates from around the world. They are simply picked, rolled, and crafted in perfect balance with only the finest ingredients of long leaves, herbs, fruit pieces and natural flavors to create teas with distinct character and delicate flavor and aroma. Most of our blends use single origin teas, each with their own unique features and flavor, characteristic of the geographies they come from. Pure Leaf hot Gunpowder Green Tea uses Indonesian tea, tightly rolled into tiny pellets that when steeped unfurl into long, luscious leaves. These tightly rolled long-leaf green tea pellets deliver a fresh clean taste and a delicate and refreshing finish. This hot tea is a perfect beverage choice for in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Brewing instructions: Fill infuser with 3/4 tsp of loose tea. Place in cup and add 8 fluid ounces of boiling water. Steep for 3 minutes. Brews 110 servings of Pure Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea per jar. If you love Pure Leaf Gunpowder Green Tea, try Pure Leaf English Breakfast Tea for a similar taste. Love Pure Leaf loose tea and tea bags? Don't keep it to yourself! Leave a review and share your tea moment with other tea lovers like you. Pure Leaf. The Tea Lover's Tea.

Key Features

Pure Leaf hot loose tea leaves, Gunpowder Green Tea, uses tightly rolled green tea leaves that when steeped, unfurl into long, luscious leaves with a mildly smoky, yet smooth and refreshing taste
Premium long leaf teas, crafted with exceptional quality ingredients always in perfect balance to ensure distinct characters and rich flavors
Tea leaves are simply picked, rolled, and crafted- we select the finest tea leaves from tea estates around the world, and do as little as possible to them to let their essence shine through
Picked from Rainforest Alliance Certified tea estates around the world, each blend with its own unique flavor, characteristic of its geography
For the best taste experience, pour 8 fluid ounces of hot water over infuser containing 3/4 teaspoon tea and steep for 3 minutes

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