hen and chick succulent plants



***IF YOU ARE ORDERING FOR A SPECIAL EVENT/WEDDING, PLEASE ORDER TO RECEIVE THEM 7-10 DAYS BEFORE YOUR BIG DAY. DESPITE OUR BEST PACKING EFFORTS, SOIL MAY SHIFT DURING THE RIDE OVER TO YOUR HOME. WHEN YOU RECEIVE THE PLANTS, THEY MAY NEED A GENTLE BRUSH/BLOW OFF, A BIG DRINK OF WATER AND A FEW DAYS TO ADJUST TO SUNLIGHT AFTER BEING IN A BOX-AND THEN THEY WILL BE THE SHINING STARS OF YOUR PARTY!!!**** A succulent is any plant with thick, fleshy (succulent) water storage organs. Succulents store water in their leaves, their stems or their roots. These plants have adapted to survive arid conditions throughout the world, from Africa to the deserts of North America. Fortunately for us, this adaptive mechanism has resulted in an incredible variety of interesting leaf forms and plant shapes, including paddle leaves, tight rosettes, and bushy or trailing columns of teardrop leaves. Succulents should be watered generously in the summer. The potting mix should be allowed to dry between waterings, but do not underwater. During the winter, when the plants go dormant, cut watering back to once every other month. Overwatering and ensuing plant rot is the single most common cause of plant failure. A succulent should never be allowed to sit in water. *Enjoy your beautiful plant!*

Key Features

As requested by our customers, we put together this gorgeous collection for wedding table decoration or favors!!
Shipped in 2' plastic pots with soil: fully rooted and ready to trasfer into larger pots or ground
Collections WILL vary depending on our stock of plants--ALL are gorgeous!! At least 1/2 of your plants will be rosettes!!
**Buy more than one product from me and save on shipping--email me for refund possibilites**

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22' Green and Red Hens and Chicks Artificial Succulent Plant Wreath - Unlit

Green and red Hens and Chicks succulent plant wreath Accented with green succulent foliage No assembly required â€' wreath comes in 1 piece Green moss backing Recommended for indoor use Dimensions: 22' diameter (measured from outermost tip to outermost tip) Material(s): PE/foam

Key Features


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Artificial Hen and Chick Succulent Bouquet Pick in Green Gray 9.5' Tall

Looking for artificial wedding succulents? Check out this adorable hen and chick succulent bouquet pick in green with a gray hue. This green grey hen and chick pick is perfect to create modern wedding bouquets and add texture and unique detail!

- 9.5' Tall
- 3' Bloom Diameter

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Artificial Mini Hens and Chicks Succulent Pick in Green - 9'

Looking for artificial wedding succulents and bouquet greenery? Check out this faux mini hens and chicks succulent bouquet pick in green. These hens and chicks are perfect to accent modern wedding bouquets to give your designs texture and a unique look!

 - Green
 - 3 Blooms Per Pick
 - 3.25' Diameter
 - 9' Tall

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Modern Mini Potted Artificial Succulent Plants - Faux Plant Home Decor (Tree Trunk with Hen/Chicks)

Add a touch of beauty to your home or office with this cute planter filled with a succulent. Scatter throughout the house with ease.

Key Features

Add a touch of class to your desk or space. This pot either has a white ceramic pot or faux tree trunk to make it look pretty
Succulent in white ceramic base is 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide
Succulents in tree trunk are: 5 inches diameter of trunk and stand 7 inches tall
Artificial succulent plants are perfect garden decorations with zero maintenance.

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Our store offers the highest quality, most realistic looking, true to nature artificial plants on the market today.

Key Features

The size is: 6' Diameter
Extremely life-like
Indoor use
Avoid moisture and direct sunlight.

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BIG PACK - (200) Agave Species Seeds Mix, Excellent House Plants - Greenhouse home Indoor succulent - FRESH SEEDS - By MySeeds.Co (Big Pack - Agave Mix)

Agaves are showy desert plants, handsome rosettes with spines on the tips. Native to the Americas, they thrive anywhere it's hot and dry, outdoors in zones 8-10, and excellent indoors on a sunny windowsill as houseplants. They need bright light, sandy soil, and very little water, perfect for global warming, or the absent minded gardener. Requires very little attention once established. There are hundreds of species of Agave, The variety of shapes and colors is amazing. Here is a collection of seeds from some of the most interesting forms. Plant them on the surface of a good cactus mix, keep warm and moist, and you'll soon have a collection of your own.

Key Features

200 Seeds Per Packet - BIG PACK
Agave Species Seeds Mix, Excellent House Plants
Greenhouse home Indoor succulent - Agave Seeds
Excellent For Greenhouse Or As House Plants
Agaves are showy desert plants, handsome rosettes with spines on the tips

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Echeveria, Sedum, Hen-and-Chick and Assorted Succulent Plant Arrangement in Terra Cotta Container, Green and Burgundy, Office Home Indoor Decor Plant, Handcrafted at the Floral Mart

This succulent arrangement has Echeveria, Hen-and-Chicks and assorted succulent in green and burgundy theme color. Rustic designed style arrangement is assembled in the USA with imported material. Great plant centerpiece for table decoration in office and home.

Key Features

Artificial Echeveria, Hen-and-Chicks, Sedum and Assorted Succulent Centerpiece with green and burgundy theme color for indoor table top decoration
Size for this centerpiece is 10.0' L x 6.0' W x 10.0' H
Vase: Terra Cotta Container in green color, size: 2.75' H x 3.0' W x 6.0' L
Classic style plant arrangement for home decoration.
This centerpiece is designed and assembled by hand in the USA with imported material

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12.5' Hen And Chicks Succulent Artificial Plant w/Glass Terrarium -Green (pack of 2)

Stunningly beautiful, this 12.5' hen and chicks succulent artificial plant with glass terrarium will never need a drop of water or pruning. Whether displayed in your living room or in a covered patio setting you'll swear that is resembles a real succulent plant. Carefully crafted this artificial succulent plant is a true masterpiece and a treasure to behold and touch. And... You'll get to cherish it for a lifetime!

Key Features

This listing is for 1 pack. You will receive 2 items per pack, 1 item shown in picture.
Height - 12.5'
Pot - Includes Shown Decorative Glass Terrarium

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Shinoda Design Center 6.5' Frosted Purple Faux Hen & Chick Succulent 2pc Stems 2Stems, 2 Piece

Shinoda Design Center 6.5' Frosted Purple Faux Hen & Chick Succulent 2pc Stems. The Shinoda Family has been serving the Floral Industry for over 100 years and across 5 generations of family members. The Patriarch of the family Kumaichiro Shinoda was among the first rose growers in the state of California. It grew to be the largest floral operations in the United States during the 1950's. We carry a wide variety of products. With our base in the floral industry, we offer a full line of floral supply goods including superb quality of silk flowers and foliage, silk trees, ribbon, vases, baskets, florist tools, paints, and items such as floral foam and Styrofoam. We also carry home decor items, wedding supplies, party and special event decorations, and holiday items from Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas to mention just a few.

Key Features

Measures 3x3x6. 5
Realistic and Life like
Use for any creative or decorative venture you can think of
High Quality design
Multi-functional & multi-useful

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