johnsonville sizzling sausage grill


Johnsonville 603881 The Sizzling Sausage Cookbook, White

Johnsonville Sausage takes the guesswork out of grilling with the Sizzling Sausage Grill. And now, with The Sizzling Sausage Cookbook, you'll have dozens of delicious recipes to pair with your favorite sausages and brats, no matter if you need a hurry-up appetizer to please a hungry crowd, a quick weekday meal to feed a busy family or a game-day treat for your favorite sporting event. From brat poppers to sausage and vegetable risotto, Florentine flatbread to spicy sausage pasta alfredo, these recipes are as easy as they are delicious- especially when using the Sizzling Sausage Grill.

Key Features

Dozens of easy recipes that will help you enjoy your Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Grill to the fullest
Recipes include starters, salads, tailgater favorites and game day winners
Johnsonville Brats and Sausages create a rich base for soups, entrees, even Pizza toppings
208 colorful pages

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Rome's 1905 Dog 'n Brat Cooker with Steel and Wood Handles

Cook beer dogs & brats (3 at a time) over the fire while sealing in the juices and not piercing the meat with this handy cast iron cooking device. Simply open up the clam shell style castings, drop in your dogs, close & latch and cook over the fire until done. A great family activity for firepits and campfires. 3 5/8' x 6 1/4' cast iron cooking surface with an overall length of 30'. Recipes included. Made by family camping cookware specialists, Rome Industries.

Key Features

Roast Dogs And Brats Over The Fire
Great Fun For Firepits and inchStaycations inch
Unique Design Cooks 3 At A Time
Cast Iron Construction
30 inch Overall Length

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George Foreman GRP4800R Multi-Plate Evolve Grill, (Ceramic Grilling Plates, Deep-Dish Bake Pan, and Muffin Pan Included), Red

Make the George Foreman Evolve Grill the ultimate cooking machine in your kitchen. The 4-in-1 capabilities and simple digital controls will change the way you prepare food. Use the durable ceramic grill plates for your traditional grilling needs with meat and vegetables, or use them to toast up a tasty Panini. Then swap in the bake dish or muffin pan to take care of all your baking needs. The dishwasher-safe grill plates feature an advanced ceramic coating that's more durable than previous models. Digital time and temperature settings give you precision control to cook a variety of foods with heat ranging from 325- to 450-degrees, plus a 500-degree searing option that lets you lock in all the juicy flavor of steaks and burgers. Take home the Evolve Grill and transform the way you cook!.

Key Features

Evolve 4-in-1 Versatility- Grill, Panini Press, Bake Dish, Muffin Pan. The Evolve is designed for maximum cooking versatility. This model includes ceramic grill plates (for grilling and Panini pressing), a bake dish (for baking, sautéing, and griddling), and a muffin pan (for muffins, single-serve quiches, meatballs, and more.) Additional plate types for the Evolve are available for purchase
Adjustable Cooking Angle - Use the slope or set it flat. You can drain excess fat from meat using the classic sloped grilling surface, or lay the grill flat when using the baking and muffin pans or creating gourmet Panini. A simple knob on the back of the grill makes it easy
Adjustable Hinge- The 1-inch adjustable hinge accommodates everything from thick cuts of meat to thin-cut vegetables. You can even grill up a hearty sandwich, putting the finishing touches on a sub or Panini. The hinge really comes in handy when using the muffin pan
Digital Control Panel- Delicious grilling starts with precise temperatures. The digital control panel displays the cooking time and grill temperature, which you can set from 325˚-450˚, plus a special button for the 500˚ searing burst. And cleanup is simple since the buttons are level with the grill exterior
5 Servings- Make meals the whole family will love! With 75 square inches of cooking surface, you can grill, bake, or toast, up to five servings of food all at the same time. Plus, with different plate options on the Evolve, you can make multiple types of food for a huge, complete meal in no time
Meals in Minutes- From plug-in to plate, it doesn't get much faster than this. The Evolve preheats quickly, efficiently grills and bakes all types of food, and its easy to cleanup thanks to the nonstick, removable plates. George Foreman fits delicious cooking into your busy lifestyle
Remove 42% of Fat- The classic George Foreman Grill slope removes up to 42% of fat during cooking, conveniently draining grease into the dishwasher-safe drip tray. Plus, the nonstick ceramic surface allows you to skip the excess butter and oil in your cooking, further reducing the fat content without sacrificing the foods you love
Removable Plates- The grill plates are completely removable and dishwasher-safe. Cool-touch release features make it easy to handle the plates even if they're still warm. Wafle Pan not included

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SLOTDOG doesn't just make your SKINLESS Hot Dog look amazing, it also helps it cook quicker by heating right to the center of your Dog, and even taste better by creating crispy caramelized-edged squares which grab hold of your condiments so you can enjoy them...and not wear them! THE HOT DOG REVOLUTION awaits...Join NOW!

1.) Push SLOTDOG down on the SKINLESS Hot Dog until the blades pierce to your desired depth and catch hold of the Hot Dog.
2.) Pull the Hot Dog away from the blades.
3.) Repeat on opposite side to prevent curling.
4.) Cook/Grill and watch the slots expand to your desired level of crispyness.
5.) Enjoy your Delicious SLOTDOG Hot Dog!

Designed for Casing-Free/Skinless Hot Dogs
For an ideal SLOTDOG experience use casing-free/skinless hot dogs only. Natural or collagen casing hot dogs/sausages have a skin that is usually too thick and hard to slit leading to ruptured dogs, so go with a good old naked dog and slot to you heart's content!
Go Cold - Firm Hot dogs work best
Slightly firm 'fridge thawed/temperature' hot dogs work best, as over-thawing can make the hot dogs too squishy to slot, and no one likes a smooshed dog!

Key Features

Steel Blades cut slots into a Hot Dog which expand as it cooks, smoke and grill flavor penetrate deep
Juices Caramelize and edges crisp up perfectly, while the slots grab hold of toppings
Intended for use with SKINLESS Fridge Temperature Hot Dogs.
Perfect for kids as they love the alligator, dinosaur, dragon scale look
Top Rack Dishwasher Safe

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Oster 7-Minute Grill with DuraCeramic Coating and Digital Timer, Red/White, CKSTCG22R-ECO

Use morning, noon and night for breakfast sausage, kid's meals such as grilled cheese sandwiches and hot dogs and in the evening for tasty burger, fish, chicken and steak dinners. Try a fresh dessert like grilled pineapple too! Unique, innovative, natural Dura Ceramic non-stick ceramic coating is PFOA and PTFE free and lasts 4 times longer than traditional non-stick surfaces. It's scratch resistant and won't flake or peel. Food cooks up to 20% faster than ordinary non-stick surfaces, saving you time and energy and it's super easy to clean. It's so simple - just set the timer and push start. Your foods will grill up deliciously with just one touch. Along with cooking convenience, the ingenious design flips vertically to drain juices during grilling. Then removable drip tray can be placed in the dishwasher for easy clean up.

Key Features

Cook virtually anything in 7 minutes or less! From breakfast sausage to burgers, grilled cheese to steak and chicken. ..even dessert!
Cooks up to 20% faster than ordinary non-stick surfaces to save energy and time
Non-stick Dura Ceramic coating releases food easily and clean up quickly just use the convenient packed-in sponge or a damp paper towel
Digital timer counts down as foods are cooked
Flip style locks in vertical position to drain juices while cooking
Removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray

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Safeplus Electric Hot-dog Grill Commercial Hotdog Maker Warmer Cooker Grilling Machine with Cover (7-roller) by Safeplus

* Always turn off the power when cleaning and maintaining
* There is anti-stick coating on the roller surface
* Use a cloth when cleaning in case the anti-stick coating wears away from the roller surface
* Don't clean the roller with water,it may damage the machine

* Made of stainless steels,safe and reliable
* Convenient, energy-saving and high efficiency
* Slow rolling grill
* Heavy duty motor and safety temperature control
* Toughened glass hood protects food from dust
* All 7 premium Grade and Non-Stick stainless steel rollers rotate 360 degrees, heated evenly
* Skid Proof Rubber Feet for Tabletop Use
* Temperature control range: 0-250 degree centigrade
* Roasts in the front while keeping hotdogs warm in the back
* Removable and easy to clean drip tray
* Roasts and warming controls
* Heat up and keep warm control modes
* Easy to use with front on-off switch
* Skid proof rubber feet for tabletop use
* Built-in fuse for safety purposes
* Easy to clean
* CE approved

* Stainless steel construction
* Maximum Wattage:1200 Watts
* Constant Wattage: 1050 Watts
* Power :110V/60Hz
* Maximum capacity: 18 Hot dogs per batch (7 rows )
* Grill: 17.7'x9.8'/45cmx25cm
Tray: 17.7'x11'/45cmx28cm
* Overall dimensions:23'x13.6'x15.9'/ 585*345*405mm
* Weight:27.6lbs/ 12.5kg

Package Includes:
1 x 7-Roller hotdog machine
1 x Stainless steel drip tray
1 x Stainless steel glass hood
1 x Fuse
1 x User manual

Key Features

All 7 premium Grade and non-Stick stainless steel rollers rotate 360 degrees,cook up to 18 hotdogs per batch, heated evenly
Heavy duty motor and safety temperature control, Heat up and keep warm control modes
Built-in fuse for safety purposes, Removable and easy to clean drip tray
Made of stainless steels, safe and reliable, Toughened glass hood protects food from dust
With easy operation, quiet running and economic electricity-using,This hot dog grill is perfect for both commercial uses and Household Uses such as convenient stores, liquid stores, long meetings, farmer markets, all sporting events and more

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Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Electric Indoor Grill

Brand New

Key Features

Johnsonville Sizzling Sausage Electric Indoor Grill

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Johnsonville BTG0498BUN Sizzling Sausage Grill & Cookbook Specialty, Black/Stainless

Not just any ordinary grill, the sizzling Sausage grill is designed to capture the juiciness and delicious flavor of Johnsonville brats and Sausage. The team at Johnsonville has created the ultimate 'surround-browning' system with intellisense temperature control: golden Brown, super juicy grilling every time. The uniquely shaped, non stick plates are built to bring you to grilling perfection. Each individual grill slot is sized and shaped to hold and Hug brats and sausages in position while they sear. Brats and sausages won't overcook or dry out because intellisense automatically tests for doneness and will shut the grill off when internal temperature is reached. You can grill an entire tray of Sausage at once, or just one. Because the grill plates molded to hold each Sausage individually, you won't find cold spots or overcooked portions ever. The removable drip tray catches any excess drippings, and cleanup is top notch! the non stick coated drip plates snap out for dishwasher cleaning. Brats and sausages are the perfect protein for meals anytime, and this grill is kitchen counter worthy - from homes to apartments, RV's, and dorms. In less time than firing up the outdoor grill, you'll be enjoying perfectly cooked brats and Sausage at your dining room table. Bonus! with the Johnsonville sizzling Sausage cookbook, you can maximize your meal with dozens of easy recipes! recipes include starters, salads, tailgater favorites and game day winners. Johnsonville brats and sausages create a rich base for soups, entrees and even pizza toppings!

Key Features

Sears 5 sausages to perfection and seals in juices
Temperature probe to alert you when sausage is cooked throughout
Enclosed design for even heating and to eliminate splatter
Cooks sausages quickly in 10-15 minutes
Recipe book consists of 208 colorful pages with dozens of easy recipes

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