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Oola for Women: How to Balance the 7 Key Areas of Life to Have Less Stress, More Purpose, and Reveal the Greatness within You

Oola is that state of awesomeness you experience when your life is balanced and growing in all the key areas of health and well-being. That's what 'living Oola' means-and it's not only an attainable goal, but a well-deserved reward.

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Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit Recipes: Love at First Drop

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Essential Oil Recipes: One Drop at a Time

If you want to gain deeper knowledgeof how to use essential oils and create your own blends, beauty products andgifts, this book belongs in your collection. One of the most delightfulsurprises as an essential oil user is the constant discovery of how many diversitieseach oil is capable of. The magnitude of this knowledge and the search foreffective recipes can be somewhat overwhelming at times, for both beginning andseasoned Oilers. The recipes contained in this Revised Edition utilizeessential oils available from any reputable essential oil company
This creation is a culmination of'Best-of-the Best' recipes used successfully in various essential oilcommunities, and is a valuable tool for expanding your working knowledgeof applications. A wide array of topics and over 275 recipes are covered in 100pages. Featuring an easy-to-use layout, there is room beside each recipe,as well as blank pages in the back, to note your own modifications and experiments.This made-with-love book is a wonderful resource designed to free beginnersfrom intimidation and feelings of being overwhelmed, as well as allow advancedessential oil users to broaden their oil horizons.
Sample topics include:

    • RespiratorySupport
    • Concentration
    • MoodEnhancement
    • StressManagement
    • TheBedroom
    • Beauty& Skin Care
    • Health& Hygiene
    • Men
    • Children
    • Household
    • Outdoors
DISCLAIMER:  This document is a compilation of recipesused successfully by persons who use high-quality, authentic, plant-derived,unadulterated essential oils as determined by many factors including growth,growth location, harvesting process, distillation method used, etc. There aremany grades of essential oils available. Not all essential oils are createdequally, and not all essential oils are suitable for topical use or ingestion.Carefully do your research before selecting the brand(s) of essential oils thatdecide to use. Always follow label directions on the essential oilbottles. 
Thewillingness of individual users to share their recipes in this book is verymuch appreciated. However, neither the contributors to this book nor myself aremedical practitioners and cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe treatment for anyhealth condition or disease.  Beforeusing any alternative medicines, natural supplements, or vitamins, you shouldalways discuss the products you are using or intend to use with your medicalpractitioner, especially if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant ornursing. All information contained within this book is for reference purposesonly, and is not intended to substitute advice given by a pharmacist, physicianor other licensed health-care professional. As such, we are not responsible forany loss, claim or damage arising from use of the essential oil recipescontained herein.

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Lucy Libido Says.....There's an Oil for THAT: A Girlfriend's Guide to Using Essential Oils Between the Sheets (1) (Volume 1)

Meet Lucy Libido, your new best friend who will guide you through using essential oils between the sheets. Based on the smashingly popular Lucy Libido class, this hilarious yet informative book will teach you natural hormone balancing, oils that increase libido, and oils that increase your man's performance. She even includes her best oil recipes that have left her fans starry-eyed and smiling. Developed by a woman for a woman, 'There's an Oil for THAT' gives you all the tips, tricks, and fun in one easy to read book that you'll want to store at your bedside.

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Gameplan: The Complete Strategy Guide to go from Starter Kit to Silver

With a passion for helping others and a modern approach to sharing the oils, Sarah Harnisch made it to Platinum in Young Living in just 17 months. Now she’s sharing her strategy in this densely-packed guide to take you from starter kit to Silver in Young Living. Understand the chessboard of network marketing and get practical advice for every aspect of your business. Includes scripts for classes, training leaders, invitations and closings and duplicatable systems to help you: • Fill classes without knowing people • Share the oils compliantly • Follow up with confidence • Build strong leaders Learn to run your Young Living business with confidence. It is time to grow!

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Gameplan Workbook

New business builders: This tool will help you make a clear plan and set tangible goals for your Young Living business. By the end of this workbook, you’ll have surefire methods of how to market and host classes, develop warm leads, do follow up, train your leaders, and more. This book is your guide to success! Leaders: This workbook is the resource you need to effectively and consistently build into your team. We have compiled the action points from Gameplan into a clear, easy-to-understand format so you can create a customized strategy for your leaders. If you use the Gameplan book and workbook to train your top leaders, and then train them how to use it to train their leaders, your organization will grow exponentially!

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Essential Oil Make & Takes: Over 60 DIY Projects and Recipes for the Perfect Class

DIY Make & Take projects for both beginner and intermediate classes. The recipes use the most beloved Young Living essential oils, plus options using only oils in the Premium Starter Kit.

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Live Well: Essential Oils for Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance

This simple little manual is the perfect addition to your Premium Starter Kit with Young Living Essential Oils. It helps you unpack each item with tips and usage ideas to get you started. It’s an Essential Oil 101 class wrapped up in a pretty, simple, and fun little book.

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Getting Noticed: A No-Nonsense Guide to Standing Out and Selling More for Momtrepreneurs Who Ain't Got Time for That

Momtrepreneurs, listen up! You don t have time for another change everything you re doing on social media and be just like me book. You need information and you need it fast. Do you want to grow your following, sell more product, and experience the freedom that comes with being your own boss? Getting Noticed isn t the secret to social media it s a no fluff, take charge guide to the way we present ourselves, our business, and connect with customers online. Lindsay Teague Moreno knows the hardcore mom life. In between wash cycles, packing lunches, and balancing a to-do list that would make Santa jealous, she grew a business from nothing into a team of 300,000 people producing over $15,000,000 each month in just three years. Lindsay knows you don t have time for another book that leaves you with temporary warm fuzzies but no real content to actually building your business. Getting noticed is the first step to entrepreneurial success in our fast-paced, online world. Step up your game.

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French Aromatherapy: Essential Oil Recipes & Usage Guide

The most complete recipe and usage guides that utilizes the French Aromatherapy method. French Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils that encompasses all methods of use: aromatic, topical, and internal. You will learn proper safety precautions and how to implement essential oils into your entire lifestyle. This book gives over 300 recipes to help you better understand and use your essential oils.

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