neat patch cable manager


Netshelter Sx 42U Vertical Pdu Mount & Cable Organizer

Shipping Height: 9.0 Shipping Width: 15.0 Master Pack Qty: 1 General Information Manufacturer: American Power Conversion Corp Manufacturer Part Number: AR7502 Brand Name: APC Product Name: NetShelter SX 42U Vertical PDU Mount and Cable Organizer Marketing Information: Cable management accessory to help eliminate cable stress and maintain a neat, organized cable layout within an enclosure or a rack. Product Type: Cable Guide Technical Information Cable Manager: Cable Manager Physical Characteristics Color: Black Miscellaneous Package Contents: NetShelter SX 42U Vertical PDU Mount and Cable Organizer Installation Guide Mounting Hardware

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Neat Patch Cable Management Unit

Do you have excess patch cables that you don't know what to do with? Are you tired of messy netoworks? Introducing the Neat Patch Cable Management System, the perfect patch-cable storage solution for your network cabling. Uniquely designed to allow you to store your excess patch cables into a neat and tidy compartment.

Key Features

Eliminates the need to use wire managers such as plastic finger ducts riveted to metal or metal D-Rings
Surges and grounding electrical issues eliminated by unique non-conductive one piece molded design
Creates a balanced patching environment by providing 48 port cycles which allow single coil circuits to be stored in the rack

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Neat Patch Cable Mgmt. Kit W/ Qty.(48) 2Ft Cat 6 Cert. Patch Cables - Red

NEAT-PATCH's unique cable management system for structured cabling networks can save you thousands of dollars, space, and time. If you're tired of trying to stuff unnecessary expensive patch cables into a routing duct, then welcome to a neat, simple and cost effective solution. NEAT-PATCH has the recipe for the perfect computer cabling network or any rack mounted interconnect system that can be custom designed to fit your needs and most importantly your budget.Traditional rear management is located on the backside of the front manager above and below the patch panel and traditionally, occupying 6RU's to dress in a 2RU patch panel. The cable installer cuts the horizontal cabling to length when terminating a patch panel, so it doesn't make sense to unnecessarily waste all that rack space when it is the IT manager on the front side who has the problem. There is plenty of room behind the patch panel in its own rack space for dress-in as shown in the photos. The IT manager has excess rack cable to deal with, the cable installer doesn't. Neat-Patch gives back 4RU's to the IT manager, so his front manager has plenty of storage inside the rack. With 2 and a half times the amount of horizontal storage than any other cable manager on the market, you can now standardize on a uniform length of cable that will provide uniform results. You do the math. Your rack is 19' wide. A 24 inch patch cable will reach anywhere between the components and you'll never have more than a single coil of excess cable which provides unsurpassed bend radius protection. The end result is a perfectly balanced network cabling system that is mathematically guaranteed to prevent the necessity of anything longer than a 2ft network patch cable. A shorter 1ft cable limits your ability to make the connection. A longer 3ft cable and you begin the problem by adding 1ft of excess multiplied by the number of cables. Our concept is 'the shorter the patch cable, the more control you have over it.

Key Features

2ft CAT6 cables
Fluke Certified
48 CAT6 Cables
Deep pocket cable manager

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Electriduct 1U Blank Panel Cable Manager Server Rack Wire Management System

Key Features

Dimensions: 19'W x 1.75'H x 0.375'L
Rack Unit: 1U
Style: 2U Blank Panel
All iron construction
Horizontal Cable Manager

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HomeyHomes - Cable Management Sleeve System - 20-Inch Cord Organizers with Zipper, Connector Buckles and Wire Labels, 4 Pack, Black

Cable management sleeves system keeps your cords neat and Tidy

Enjoy a loveable working/living environment Now!

Have you ever gotten frustrated digging in a tangled mess of cables trying to figure out which cord connects to which device?

Or you are simply tired of the unsightly mess that keeps collecting dust and constantly serves as a distraction that induces discomfort and low productivity?

Made up your mind about organizing your cables and cords but just found them returning to a mess over time? Tried everything including rubber bands or zip ties to keep your cables in bundle, but having a hard time when you need to add new cables or remove old ones?

HomeyHomes' cable management sleeves system is the perfect solution!

✔ Easy and quick installation. Simply wrap up the cables with the cord organizer, zip up and done! Whether you are installing for the first time or making later adjustments, it is easy as 1-2-3. Now the cables are much easier to manage and you can locate the correct cable a lot faster.

✔ Set of four high quality neoprene sleeves seal up the mess and also provide flexibility to bend and route as needed. At the same time, they protect your cables from dust, foot traffics and chewing pets. Compared to a tangled web lying on the ground, behind your TV or underneath the computer desk, the sleeved bundle is also much easier to clean.

✔ Don't forget about our money back policy and 12-month replacement warranty, so your satisfaction is assured! Give your working/living environment a refreshing look, click the Buy button and enjoy the tidiness, comfort and higher productivity today!

Key Features

THE MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION that organizes the unsightly cable mess into a low-profile and easily manageable bundle. No other tools needed. Just wrap and zip. Within a minute, you will enjoy a lovable living/working environment that is tidy, comfortable and hazard-free!
STRONG EDGES OVER COMPETITOR PRODUCTS: 1) Reliable Zipper: Effortlessly add or remove wires anytime - a huge advantage over zip ties and other cable management products. 2) Connector Buckles: Extend the sleeves seamlessly in length to fit any applications. 3) You can also combine two sleeves in width to fit extra wires or cut DIY slots to allow cords to exit at any convenient spot.
VALUE ADDED PACK: Each sleeve measures 19.5' by 3.5', with a diameter of 1.2' when zipped up. A single sleeve can easily fit in around 12 wires. Pack of 4 durable sleeves eliminate the cable mess once and for all.
PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from the best quality anti-tearing Neoprene material, these sleeves are built to last, protecting your important cables against dust and damage over the years. HomeyHomes by Gemineye also provides No-Question-Asked 100% money back guarantee and 1-year replacement warranty to ensure our customers are satisfied.
A FREE BONUS of 10 pairs (20 pcs) of cord labels (suitable for wires of 4-6mm thickness) allows you to easily identify which cable connects to where. Bring your cable management to the next level. Order today while supplies last. You deserve a tidy and comfy environment.

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RG6 Cable Clip, White (100 pieces per bag)

6-7mm Coaxial nail-in fastener
Attaches to wood, concrete, brick, masonry, plaster
Zinc-plated pre-inserted Hardened steel nail
High-impact plastic

Key Features

Color: White
Weight: 0.20 lbs

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Cable Management Cord Organizer Cover - by Melca - Holder Ties Up Your Entire Cable Fiasco (6 Feet Long) - .75 to 1.5 Inch Adjustable Diameter - Matte / Gloss Finish - Unique Velcro Design

If you want to cover your entire cable mess, cut your desired length and possibly conquer multiple jobs with JUST one product, then THIS is the most useful Cable Management Sleeve you'll ever own!

Melca's Cord Organizer Cover is a functional NEW Cable Management System that helps every Cable Organizer tidy up cords with either a matte or gloss finished look AND allows you to cut entry and exit holes as needed. It doesn't get much better than this! HANDY!

Don't hesitate - now is the time - cover your entire cable fiasco! - Order Now!

Key Features

VERSATILE! Create Cable Ties by simply cutting short strips giving you the power to tie cables together or to other objects, i.e. your desk, rack, or entertainment center - Just Like The Pros Do.
ADJUSTABLE! The holder neatly Ties Up Your Entire Cable Fiasco (6 Feet Long) - From .75 to 1.5 Inch Adjustable Diameter - Perfect For Any Job!
EXCLUSIVE! Unique Velcro Design enables you to cut your 6 foot long sleeve to the desired length and conquer multiple cable messes - Today, Don't Wait!
AMAZING! Proprietary 2-Sided Solid Black Material lets you choose a matte or gloss finish and allows you to cut entry and exit holes exactly where needed - With Ease.
MULTI-UNIT DISCOUNTS. Scroll down to the Special Offers & Product Promotions area below. Up to 20% off of today's order.

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eZAKKA Self Adhesive Cable Clips Wire Organizer Cable Holder Tie Cable Management for TV Smartphone Cell Phone Desktop Computer Wires USB Cords Pack of 5

Main Body:ABS
Adhesive Tape:Artificial Rubber
Clip Size:25*15mm
Strips Size:45*15mm

How to install
①Wipe the surface which has dirt,oil,water,detergent thoroughly with a damp cloth.
②Remove the tape from the mount,and paste it to the back of the clip as shown in the illustration.
③Peel the transparent film off,then contact with the surface and press it strongly.
④Please wait at least 1 hour before installing wires.

Where to install
Flat and smooth surfaces:
such as Pillar,board wall,decorative plywood,wood construction materials,tile,glass,mortar,stainless steel and other metal paint surfaces.

Do not install
To avoid falling and surface damage,Please don't install following places: Uneven,Rough,peeling easily fibers wall surface,wallpaper,clay,plaster,mortar,concrete and water base painted surfaces.
Processed surface,such as fluorine code.
curved surface and spherical surface.
Where there is water,wet and humid places,such as bathroom.
Glass under direct sunlight.
Near fire,surface with high temperature place.

※Clean the surface before sticking, and wait at least 1 hours before holding wires. ※Please use them in room temperature above 10℃
※Do not touch the adhesive face or re-stick,adhesive force will be weakened.
※Do not remove the cable by force so as not to damage it.
※Use it only for designed purpose. ※Keep out of reach of children under 3 years.

Package Including:
5 pcs clips and 5 pcs strips

Key Features

Quick installation,no screws required.
Holds strongly,removes cleanly.
Suitable for office or home usage.
Simple and convenient to keep the line organized.
Can also be used for wire or cord fixing in car for HD DVR,GPS,etc.

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5ft Split Loom Cable Wrap, Black, 30mm diameter, Cable Management Wraps with Tool

This 5 foot Split Loom Cable Wrap is a super easy solution for organizing your cables both in the home and office. This wrap is 30mm in diameter and comes in the color black. This particular wrap comes with an easy-to-use wrap took which makes wrapping your cables an absolute breeze.

Key Features

Length: 5 feet
Color: Black
Weight: 0.85 lbs

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6 foot Cable Wrap / Spiral Wrap, Black, Diameter: 12mm - 70mm, Cable Management Wraps

This black spiral cable wrap is 6 feet long and has an adjustable diameter of 12mm to 70mm. Use this product to manage multiple cable runs of varying lengths. Just cut the cable wrap to the needed length and wrap your cable in it to reduce the unsightly and possibly unsafe cable mess around your home, office or workshop

Key Features

Color: Black
Weight: 0.10 lbs

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